Before entering the world of Real Estate, we both attended college, with Emily earning a degree in Psychology and myself with an MBA in Business. We both began our Real Estate careers by working at a major franchise until we finally decided to work under our own Team Weurding name and have never looked back.

Broker/Owners of Team Weurding Realty….

From our very first day in Real Estate our goal has always been to put our clients’ needs ahead of our own. In order to survive in this business for as long as we have, you better be doing something right. When we started in 1987 we began as full service Realtors, and that was great until the Covid pandemic came along. With all of the new restrictions that were now in place, we were forced to step back and take a long look at the changes we needed to make in order to remain successful. That is when we created a cross country referral network and made it the main focus of our new business plan. We are delighted with how well the referral program is being received and the number of satisfied clients that we have helped to relocate.

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